Is it possible to Launch a GPTool in a Python toolbox in a custom step

02-01-2018 12:03 AM
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Hi, I have problems Launching a GP tool in a Python toolbox within a custom step. I use the custom step "JTXDesktopSteps.LaunchGPTool" with following Arguments: "/toolboxpath:"C:\\VSTS\\Avinor\\ADQ\\Hinderbase\\maps\\HATest.pyt" /tool:Hallo".

The errormessage i get is "failed to open tool Hallo (HATest.pyt)

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Hi Olav,

What version of Workflow Manager are you using? I would recommend using the Launch GP Tool dialog to configure this step.


It will open a dialog to allow you to navigate to your tool and toolbox. By using it it'll make sure your toolbox path and tool name is correct. The arguments should look similar to this format: "/toolboxpath:C:\data\Toolbox.pyt /tool:Tool". Give it a try using the dialog. Let me know if you still have issues to launch the tool.



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Hi, Thank you. There is still some problems (which I think we can live with)

The python toolbox are written to use with ArcGIS Pro. When I set up the toolbox in custom step dialog, the tools does not show. However if I set up the Arguments manually the workflow including the GPTool works fine in ArcGIS Pro.


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