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Can I open ArcMap directly from Workflow Manager?

04-06-2015 02:03 AM
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I am trying to find an option to open ArcMap from the Workflow Manager window.

The ArcMap can be launched while executing a step in the workflow using the out of the box tool to create a custom step object "JTXDesktopSteps.LaunchArcMap" to launch arcmap. This will be done while executing a workflow.

But I want to create a toolbar button which can open ArcMap directly. The job and version can then be either passed as arguments or manually set in ArcMap later. 

Can anyone help me in doing so?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tripti,

There isn't anything available to do exactly what you're describing here. You can look at the samples in the Developer Kit of the Workflow Manager install to help get you started.

It sounds like from your post though that you're more interested in an Arcmap driven Workflow Manager experience. If you're not aware Workflow Manager actually has two toolbars within Arcmap that allows you to open and manage jobs, run workflows and administer maps. It may provide you the resources you need.



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Thanks Michael.

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This is a good question.  While you can (as Michael said) use Workflow Manager from within ArcMap, depending on the workflow, there may actually be no GIS component for a lot of the workflow - checking policy/procedure, filling out PDF forms, notifying stakeholders, etc.

In this case, managing the workflow outside of ArcMap and then calling it when you need to do a spatial task makes sense.

To achieve this I believe Workflow Manager can open an MXD directly, and thus start ArcMap without needing TAM.  If you have a working document this is a good place to start, or you could simply open a blank MXD and proceed from there.  You could also use 'Execute Executable' to start arcmap.exe directly if you wanted to.

Workflow Manager Step Types  (10.2)

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Thanks Andrew.

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