Need Legend/Layers combining for improved fucntionality - be able to see the layers in their groups, be able to turn on off.

10-23-2016 02:52 AM
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Hi there

I'm making a few interactive maps and I need to make the legend / layers combined. how would I achieve this? I am guessing it involves programming - which I am not trained in.

Would be great if someone could point out a contact or some way of me doing this.

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have you looked the documents, and blogs on Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 

rscheitlin‌ or rastrauch‌ might be able to shorten your search with specific references

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   This has been a very requested feature, but as of yet it does not exist.

Group Data Layers in ArcGIS Online Web Map 

Group Layers 

Group layers for ArcGIS online 

Group Layers in Web App Builder as individual services 

This is not something that can easily be done but there is one thread that gives some code to sort of do this:

Editing LayerList widget to include multiple Groups/Divs of layers