Group Data Layers in ArcGIS Online Web Map

Idea created by SNAlliance on May 27, 2016

    I am creating a series of configurable apps with many relevant data layers I am modifying in ArcMap Desktop and then incorporating into the web app on ArcGIS Online. Currently, there is no method of grouping or customizing the layer list on my web map or web app. I have code I could use if I had any authority to insert it without switching to the API for Developer version, which my small organization has no time or resources to handle right now, however without the ability to insert the code I am limited by the limitations of the web map. With ~70 data layers, the inability to group them by category looks unprofessional, and if I list them alphabetically it will render the app useless. Please allow us to customize the layer list or to add our code to the layer list in the configurable web map/web app.

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