Multiple installation of Web AppBuilder ( Developer Edition )

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11-09-2016 11:20 PM
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I have installed WAB successfully in my PC.  I am not aware of the technology behind then, i.e. you need to run a batch file every time you start using WAB.  ( read this can be converted into a windows service )

Anyways, everything is okay.  I was able to create an WAB application and deployed in our web server successfully.

Now, my Boss wants the WAB service installed in one of our servers , either in our server with Portal or the server in ArcGIS for server.

I do not want to proceed lest it might mess up either of the servers.

Question is , Is it okay or even possible to have multiple installation of WAB Developer Edition ( question about appid crosses my mind ) ?

Appreciate any inputs.

Many thanks.

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   Ahh, I see. I did not think about using a machine as a WAB app Server.

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It is not usually recommended to install on a server, and as Baba pointed out, you will want to deploy to the server (or you local web IIS, etc) for others to see the results.  There have been many discussions about sharing one install, but since the install .bat is typically tied to a "named user" AppID, this gets a little tricky.  Below is a snippet from my /blogs/myAlaskaGIS/2015/01/15/tips-and-observations-for-getting-web-appbuilder-developer-edition-ins...

  • My observations:
    • The AppId when first starting is the most confusing, and finding clear instructions for setting up the AppId ahead of time (including mine) are hard to find.
    • I’m not exactly sure what registering the WAB with the AGOL application and AppID really does, although I know it ties it too AGOL. Also, it control whether a computer has permission, via registration with the AGOL application.  I know it has to do with OAuth2, but I’m not a security expert.
    • I asked the question Is it better to share "application" registered in AGOL between WAB-dev edition developers, or separa...  and have decided:
      • A WAB folder (and startup.bat file) are pretty much linked to on AppID – although there are ways to shift or change which one.
      • Each user should have their own application/AppID created by them, in their own My Content
      • Multiple machines for one user can be registered to the same AppID, if desired. The WAB stores the applications being created in the local drive, so these are not necessarily shared between machines…although I think they could be setup to work that way.
      • One machine could be registered to more than on AppID, if desired and if multiple WAB startup folders exist.

you may also want to look thru my /blogs/myAlaskaGIS/2016/03/09/web-appbuilder-developer-edition-customization-resource-list?sr=search...‌ for other links and tips.  A bit overwhelming (still needs better formatting), but lots of information there.

More: btw, you can use your AppID for multiple installs of WAB dev edition on the same machine (just call the folder a different name and have the .bat tied to it) or on multiple machines.  It's tied to you however, not multiple people.

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Thank you Rebecca for sharing your valuable observations.  I will try to look into it.  Perhaps, I can try to install it another ordinary machine ( not AGS or Portal servers ) and see how it behaves.

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Here is the guide about how to run WAB as a window service: Run as a Windows service—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers . As long as there is no port conflict, there is no problem to install WAB with other server on the same machine. 

To install multiple WAB as window services, you need to use different port and different service name (modified in server/package.json).

For the app id, it's not recommended to share the app id between multiple WABs, but you can share it if you want. Any WAB server that the server domain matches the redirect URI in the app's registration info, the app id can be used in that WAB.