how to eliminate an access of ArcGIS Online web map to a hosted Web AppBuilder application by directly referring feature services.

05-03-2018 11:47 AM
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I have created WEB APP in  web app builder developer edition. Exported WEB APP and hosted from the server. Right now,  a web map consisting all the feature service is consumed from AGOL (ArcGIS Online) to the WEB APP. I would like to completely eliminate the Web map from AGOL and directly refer Rest services  to  the exported files. In short, I would like to find a way to implement feature services in the web map by customizing Web AppBuilder application, since I want to eliminate the ArcGIS Online access to my application.

Here is a simple example. Here rest services are directly superimpose onto the map without the Web map refereed from AGOL


Here is an another example:


How can I do that and where do I need to do the modifications in the exported files from web app builder developer edition.

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That is not possible with WAB. There are many dependencies in WAB that use AGOL and the webmap (this is by design of esri).

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Hi Prashant,

> I would like to completely eliminate the Web map from AGOL and directly refer Rest services

This is not a supported workflow. Web AppBuilder is designed to work with web maps from either ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Hope this helps,

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Those are great links to a great widget thanks for sharing, but it does not complete eliminate the dependency on AGOL (FYI).

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Hi Mr. Scheitlin,

Can you take a look at my question:

View all Web Maps being consumed by all Web Mapping Applications

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