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Add mapservice without AGOL/map itemId

Question asked by monaGIS2013 on May 1, 2018
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Where would I add mapservice/featurelayer urls to load on startup in WAB Developer Edition 2.5/2.7?  I've tried to alter the MapManager.js/utils.js files(_show2DWebMap, _createWebMapRaw, createWebMap) but I assume it needs the portal Url, webmapid, etc..  I can manually place an id(from AGOL) in the config after creating an app and create a custom widget that when clicked can load the layers onto the map.  However, I would like by default when I create apps in WAB Dev Ed to load my custom basemap without using a map id from AGOL.  Also, for specific apps I need layers loaded onto that map(layers vary).  I have done this using JS API 3.x but would like to incorporate into WAB.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!