Who uses SAP Hana and Utility Network

09-18-2019 04:15 AM
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Hi, We need for a project some references.

Did somebody uses SAP HANA whith ArcGIS Pro / 10.7.1 and Utility Network to save the GIS-Data  ?

Wich Storage Format did you use in HANA ?

Is the perfomance good -in diffrence to ORACLE- ?

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I hope someone from Esri Inc PS Team replies to this message as I have seen a slide from a presentation that showed DB performance comparing to HANA, SQL Server, Oracle & PostgreSQL and was little surprised that PostgreSQL had the best performance. I can't tell you what the metrics where and believe was SQL Server was the next.

With HANA & ArcGIS Enterprise, I have seen a setup of this in a AWS instance as a Proof of Concept for the organisation I work for. If you reach out to Tom Turchioe from SAP he helped us out and also has a few blogs on this topic.

Good luck