Use pulldata to display multiple values associated with lookup

01-18-2024 12:36 PM
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I have an external list of plants, each one belonging to a transect. In my form the user selects a transect and I am hoping to display a note/list of plants that are associated with the selected transect. Is it possible to use pulldata to return multiple values? If not, are there any other options? I am purely trying to display the plant information in a note, not a select_one or select_many. I am using survyey123 connect to design. I am open to using javascript, but the form must be functional offline.

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Do you just mean a running list total in a repeat?  If so join() works well for that.  I use it to check for dups when doing a species inventory.

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No, I don't think so. We have transects where we monitor the same tagged plants (1 species of rare cactus) year after year. The field crew wants to select a site and transect and have each tagged plant from the selected transect displayed in a list on the form. I have a feeling that pulldata is limited to only returning 1 value, but looking to confirm that and for potential other options.

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How do they select a transect?

This is what I do. May be of help to you:


Enter in your layer into the Layer URL's default, and determine what type of Where Clause you need.

The Json of Main Layer is a JSON response containing everything in the search result. From there, I pull what I need:



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