Updating Survey123 picklists automatically

08-14-2018 04:42 PM
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Can Survey123 picklists be updated automatically from data in an Oracle database, which is updated nightly. Has anyone done this and what would be the best way?

I suppose once the survey has been published then its picklists are now hosted in the geodatabase, so it might be easier to update them from there, particularly if that geodatabase is also using Oracle. However, wouldn't that then make those picklists out of sync with the source Excel spreadsheet that the survey was originally published from? Hence, would a better solution be to update the Excel spreadsheet then do an automated republish of the survey?

If anyone has encountered a similar scenario and can advise on the best approach that'd be appreciated.

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Hi Mark,

The choice lists can be updated through automation.  We have written up the procedure for external selects at https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2017/12/08/an-alternative-way-to-update-the-media-f....