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Trying to use data from a different layer to auto locate people in survey123 web designer

06-29-2023 07:10 PM
Esri Contributor


I have a survey in Survey123 Web Designer that has a drop-down input of names that were extracted from a different survey layer.


I have configured other inputs to auto-populate based on that same survey layer but I'm trying to get the Map input to auto-populate where when I select a patient it automatically shows the location based on that patients associated location which was inputted from a previous survey.



I'm trying to do that, but it doesn't seem to be working. and I'm not sure where to find it in the maps calculation section


When I choose select output filed all I see is string data, How can I get it to choose location to fill from that previous layer?


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Esri Notable Contributor

Sorry, Not supported for now in the designer. You need Connect for that. More details here:   @AndrewCastilloTBSL 

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Esri Contributor

Ok I see, thanks for answering.


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