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Statistics Types Not Working Survey123 Report Template

06-30-2023 02:17 PM
New Contributor III

I recently working on a report template of species survey for my company biologist team. While I trying to aggregate the observed species through the aggregate function, I noticed that the report output was not able to output fields that other that the groupBy field. Below is my expression:

${#obsrepeat|stats:"sum,numIndividual,numIndividualSum;first,speciescommonname,speComName;count,speciescommonname,numSpecies":"specscientificname"|orderByFields:"specscientificname ASC"}

Species Scientific Name: ${specscientificname}

Species Common Name: ${speComName}

Number of species: ${numSpecies}

Total Number of Individual Observed: ${numIndividualSum}


I grouped the form records by the species scientific name and would like to print out the species common name as well as other statistic numbers. However, only the species scientific name and the statistic numbers were printed out. The species common name was not. It seems the string aggregate function e.g. first, last, etc. is not working properly.


Just wonder if anyone has the same issue as mine and how could I settled it.



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