Thank You Screen Error - Connect 3.16

12-30-2022 04:55 AM
New Contributor III

Hello everybody.

Recently, we've been experiencing some issues with the thank you screen after submitting a survey.

In some surveys published in pre-3.16 versions of Connect, the message was replaced with strange code. We verified this in a form that was published and running in 3.15, and in another one that was created in 3.15 and republished yesterday with 3.16.


In surveys created and published in version 3.16 of Connect, we are no longer able to control the thank you message via the Survey123 website (the message edited on the website is simply ignored and a default message is always displayed).



UPDATE: In a poll republished with 3.16 yesterday, not even the default message is displayed, but another strange message.



Currently, we can only change the thank you screen message by creating the "generated_note_prompt_submitted" field in the form and customizing the message, which was not necessary before.

Is this expected behavior? As of version 3.16, is the thank you screen in surveys created by Connect controlled only by Connect itself? Or is there any problem related to this?

Thank you all.

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