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Suvrey 123 Start and End Time Help

03-31-2023 08:31 AM
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I know there are some questions that already ask this same question on here; however, I really need it dumbed down please. I can't figure out what calculations or where to type this information into my excel sheet to get this to work.  I am hoping someone can share a screenshot of what they have typed in their excel sheet so that I can see exactly what people write to get this to work. Now here's the question: I want to have at the beginning of my form have a Start Time, where the person who starts the form has their time auto populate. Then at the end of the form have an end time that will show their end time of the activity. I then want text to pop up and tell them how long they took to do the activity (If possible). I tried using now() but it just puts in the same time for both start and end time. Or if anyone has something different that racks hours/minutes I would love to see that too. I just need to actually see it in photos or written out and where I need to write that code. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello @SamanthaJordan ,

Are you building this in Survey123 Connect? If so, what version? 

I am working on a similar issue, and may be able to walk you through it. 

-Jessica Thompson

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Hey @JessicaJThompson,

I am using Survey 123 Connect version 3.17.55

Thank you for responding!


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Hi  @SamanthaJordan and  @JessicaJThompson

I was  happy to see someone else request an explanation be 'dumbed down' as I feel this is almost always what I need. ...  Would  you please share your form, process or other info about this?

Thank you, 


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