Survey123 report not displaying attachments

02-27-2019 12:57 PM
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I have a Survey123 form created from a feature service in ArcGIS Server with attachments enabled.  In the Survey123 website when i click on the data page I can see the data and the attachments.  However, if i create a custom template and generate a report the attachment fields are blank.  is that a function of the attachments coming from an ArcGIS Server feature service?  is there a way to get the images to show in the custom report?

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Hi Dion

This is a known limitation when generating reports from an ArcGIS Enterprise feature service. When a survey response is submitted to ArcGIS Online via the Survey123 field app or web form, each image attachment is given a keyword based on its question name (i.e. as a way to associate an attachment with a particular question). The feature report template uses this keyword to reference each image. However, keywords are not yet supported in ArcGIS Server, so a feature report will not be able to retrieve images from a feature service hosted on Server.

The team is working on supporting this capability for a future release of Enterprise. I will update this thread when more info is available. For more discussion on this issue please see:

Survey123 Generate Report Error when Attachments Included 

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Hi Jim

Any update on where this item sits in the 'future updates' list?

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