Integromat not seeing Survey123 surveys

09-09-2021 01:17 PM
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I'm trying to use integromat to automate the feature report creation process in Survey123, but I'm having trouble seeing my surveys in the connector.

My connection to ArcGIS is set up using arcgis online URL, and I sign into my Enterprise account when prompted. I've tried entering my organization's Enterprise URL instead of the ago url, but it won't take that and says 'Invalid Client ID'.

When I try to use the connection in a scenario, the dropdown list of surveys is empty.


Any ideas on how I can access my surveys in Integromat?

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Hey @ChelseaTabor ,


Have you registered Integromat as an Application in your portal?

If not, you should follow this blog post: Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Integromat 

There is a section called: Connecting Integromat to an ArcGIS Enterprise instance. After you register an application, you will get an App ID and App Secret that you need to specify in order to create a connection:



Hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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@rpovilaityte ,

I registered the app, but I'll try again following the directions at the link you posted.  Thanks!


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