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07-19-2018 03:44 PM
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I attended the ESRI conference last week and was excited to learn about the new ability to bulk print survey reports.

Now that I'm back home and giving it a try, I've run into an issue that I'm hoping someone can help with.

When logged in to Survey123 with my user (the user who authored the survey), I can bulk print reports without issue.

When another user in our organization is logged in, she cannot use the bulk print feature.  She is not able to select a folder location for the exported .zip file to be saved in. 

I assumed she was missing a necessary permission required for this task, but I can't find any setting that seems to fix her issue.  Her user is set as Level 2 with a role of User, which is the same as mine.  

Any ides why the folders wouldn't show up for her to select from?  Is bulk printing limited to the survey author only?

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We have also experienced this. When i authored the survey, my folder dropdown in the Data > report section on the Survey 123 website was populated with my root folder for arcGIS Online

The user who was trying to generate a report (so, not the author) did not have his root folder location as an option, and had to go into ArcGIS Online, create a folder, and then it was able to select this new folder from the dropdown list 

I guess my first question for James Tedrick is, since this user is logged in, why isn't their root folder showing up? Is this expected ?

Second is, i was hoping these users would never have to log into ArcGIS Online. they use surveys in the field app and generate reports from the survey123 website. Is there a way around having them login just to create a folder?


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Hi Julie, 

I can confirm that the folder list in the Report panel should work even there's no additional folder other than the root folder for an AGO account, which means the current behavior is a bug. We will fix it in the next 3.2 release (planned in mid Jan. 2019)

For your suggestion, to create a new folder in the Data page of Survey123 website without going to ArcGIS Online, I've logged it in our backlog, we will implement this when feasible.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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Thanks Zhifang Wang‌.. if the current behaviour is a bug, then there would be no need for the user to create a new folder from the Data page of survey 123. Thanks!

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