Report generation fails with error

08-06-2018 08:50 AM
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I am trying to generate a report using a custom template.  It fails with the following message: 

print map failed for Geopoint Question:{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Error performing execute operation","details":[]}}

Any idea how I can fix the error or what I should try next?  The template has about 46 questions and attachment photos. 

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Zhifang Wang‌ Can you take a look at this one? Thanks.

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I have the same, anyone have a position about that?

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Did you see the message like "Failed to print map for ${field_2}."? There was an issue when printing map in the report and it has been fixed now. Can you please try again to see if the issue still exists? If yes, would you mind sharing the screenshot or the detailed error message?

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I have the same issue, the report(beta) fails at the moment of print the ${field_2} geopoint.

The message is "Failed to print map for ${field_2}."

The message is the same for the custom report and for the report generated automatically.

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Hi Ahjung,

With the latest 3.1 release, the map generation in feature report should be more robust now, would you mind trying the original survey and template to see if it works now?

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