Starting a New Survey123 Project from an Existing Survey123 Project Tips

06-01-2022 05:05 PM
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Hello All,

I am starting to work on a new Survey123 project that will use an existing project as the framework and need some tips on how to make this happen in the most efficient manner.

Last year we developed a Survey123 survey that members of the public used to collect over 3,000 observations (points) and affiliated attributes. They were also given the option to capture polygons and line features. This year the project is evolving from a data collection effort to a management effort.

In the previous iteration of the survey we had three groups that we accessed via a conditional question; condition, action 1, and action 2 and were all within the same feature layer. This year we are going to use Field Maps that will allow users to interact with the features created last year. We would like to separate the three groups into individual surveys (tables) that will point to the point feature layer through some sort of relationship. Finally, we have added some questions to all the groups (surveys).

Here are my main questions:

  1. What is the best way to set up the project initially? Should I create the surveys first, download the feature layer, and bring into Arc Pro to create the related tables or should I create the feature layer and related tables in Arc Pro first and create surveys from that? Is it best to have the GlobalIDs as the related field? I also have the previous survey, but again things will be changed and split up, so it might not be good to start there.
  2. How do I deal with the two other geometry questions, polygon and line? These will only be available in the condition survey and only if people are creating a new observation. If I point to a table's URL in the Survey123 form, will it then find the polygon and line feature layers?
  3. How can I incorporate the previously collected data into the new feature layer if I am creating one? These geometries (points) will be used in Field Maps to allow people to interact with them. 

This might seem scatter brained but if you need clarification about what I am trying to accomplish please let me know.

Thanks for any and all help.

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Getting close to the end of the day here, but I would recommend looking into experience builder. I have used it internally to allow staff to select a road segment from a pre-existing line feature class and add new information using Survey123. I would recommend watching this Webinar as well since it has some really good info about new functionality in Survey123 (i.e. editing attributes & geometry):

Spring Into Top Form with ArcGIS Survey123 (

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