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Multiple Barcode Scanning

06-02-2022 10:57 AM
New Contributor

I have a use case to scan a large number of barcodes geolocated  in the same location.

The use case is:  confirm the location,  scan all the parcels stacked in this location and submit.

To click submit, tab, or even look at the screen between scans will substantially reduce productivity.  Duplicates can be removed in post-processing.

Is any sample code available or are there any suggestions how to do this.

Kind regards, c-:

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Hi @skvery,

With the multiple barcodes, where do you want the results of the scan to go (ie the text that comes from each barcode)? Into one text question field separated by comma, or into different text fields for each barcode?

Currently Survey123 only supports scanning one barcode at a time and one text field being populated with the value from that barcode. If you scan another barcode with the same barcode question, it will overwrite the previously collected text in that same field.

If you want to scan multiple barcodes, you need to add multiple barcode question types to your survey.



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