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Set up data validation workflow using survey123

03-17-2023 02:44 PM
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I'm working on a mobile data collection project using survey123. We have a data collector team on the field and a supervisor in the office to verify data.

I am looking for the best way to set up the system so when a collector submit a survey, the supervisor can check, update and approve the data. Which Arcgis user type the supervisor should have?

 Thank you in advance


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To do this you will want to use Hosted Feature Layer views and default values:

  1. Set up a Hosted Feature Layer View for the survey to target (collect data)
  2. Have the survey populate a field e.g. 'approval' and set the default to 'no'.
  3. Have a View set up to allow edits on this field, then share with your supervisors
    • They will need at least a data editor role
    • They can use any app e.g. Field Maps or  Web Mapp application, that allows editing
    • Set the editability of the View/App to only be the 'approval field'. 
  4. The fieldworkers will submit data, default to 'not approved', which can then be edited by supervisors

There are some great examples of this in a public survey submission context. You would just need to change the workflow to be non-public for survey submission.

Not survey123 but talking about Views and Public:


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Thank you @ChristopherCounsell for this. Regarding the Hosted Feature Layer you mentioned, I assume this can be the same created during the publication of the survey. 

Let me check how this work and let you know. 

Thank you 

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