03-17-2023 05:50 AM
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The logs say:

"code": 400,
"details": [
"Can not edit layer '0'.",
"Unable to add the features.",
"This operation is not supported.",
"Unable to apply edits."

I found the public layer. I can't add points against it in a Web Map. Suggests 'adds' are actually not enabled for this layer.

It seems like you have 100% enabled adds via the UI. Can you go to the REST Admin endpoint of the layer and see if there are layer overrides enabled?

  1. Go to view layer item URL
  2. Go to service URL, open in new tab
  3. add 'admin' to the URL between rest and services i.e. ..../rest/admin/services/...
  4. Click 'json' to see the  service JSON
  5. Search for 'layerOverrides'

"supportsLayerOverrides" : true,

      "layerOverrides" : [

 I've seen this in play before, when editing has been disabled, but layers still editable.

Or maybe something else is at play - but we don't seem to be able to edit this layer....

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to look through my post.

I have accessed the JSON and the "supportsLayerOverrides" parameter is "true". I'm not sure if you were indicating whether it should be true or not.



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What's listed further down under 'capabilities'?
Honestly not sure either but this is the only scenario I've seen editor
settings not match the editing capabilities
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Hello again,

This must be the section you are talking about?


I notice it says only "query".

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