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Select_one_from_file using a CSV?

03-15-2022 12:37 PM
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I've been using the type select_one_from_file from a csv. It worked fine and then I realized there was missing information. I regenerated a new CSV file with the same name and replaced it in the media folder and it won't work with the new file. It works fine with the old file. What am I missing? Thanks!

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Silly question, but you're sure the file name and file extension are the same? (I've run into things being case sensitive with the file extension). And did you add new fields (columns) to the CSV, or just new features (rows)?

I've heard that a good method for troubleshooting is opening the CSV in Notepad instead of Excel, as this will allow you to see how the data is structured without the GUI making assumed corrections. Perhaps there's an errant character in there somewhere that's messing up the comma separation? 


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You said, "I regenerated a new CSV file with the same name and replaced it in the media folder."

The software probably is still connected to the deleted file, so my suggestion would be to change the name of your CSV and then change your Survey123 Connect file to reflect the new name. I hope this helps.

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