Respondents cannot access Survey123 due to unsupported browser

12-21-2021 07:38 AM
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I'm distributing a link for a survey and have sent internally to my coworkers to test the link. I've shared publicly and some can access. However, one cannot and is getting a notification of unsupported browser. His computer defaults to Internet Explorer. I'm concerned the population I'm sending this survey out to will have similar issues. Is there a way to safeguard that?

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You can try to specify a browser in the URL:

<A HREF="microsoft-edge:http://your-survey-url">Take this survey!</A>

When you click the link, it will attempt to find the specified app.



Of course, that doesn't force your users away from IE, but at least prompts them for a different browser if possible.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS