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12-13-2020 08:21 PM
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Hi, I've created a FGDB in Catalog 10.8.  Added GlobalIDs, then added Guid fields to each table, e.g. Project table has ProjectGuid of type Guid.  I've created 1-to-many relationships between the tables based on the GlobalID -> Guid field of the related table.  Added all the tables to Arcmap, Shared as a service to AGO.  Gave it all the permissions when publishing, e.g. sync, edit, delete, etc.  In Survey123 Connect, create new survey from service I just published.  I made a couple minor changes in the label field, saved the excel XLSForm which updated the Survey then tried to publish and am getting an error: Parent layer id 11 not found for table T12_Construction_Contractor.  I've checked the service and don't see any differences between the fields in the .xls form and the published layer.  Thanks for any help! -Ray

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Hello @raybricedev


From the error message it looks like Survey123 is having an issue identifying the parent layer related to the T12_Construction_Contractor table. 

Does that table happen to have multiple layers related to it or another tertiary layer or table related to it? 


If possible would I be able to obtain a copy of the File Geodatabase with the layers and tables for testing on my end? 


If you don't want to share it over Esri Community feel free to email it to my Esri email 


Thank you, 


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