Possible to Create a Repeat with GeoPoint in an Existing Feature Service

02-15-2022 06:32 PM
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I have a survey that is created from an existing feature service.  The survey form is originally a related stand alone table that is related to two different feature classes by relationship classes.  The original form contains no geopoints, it only enters data into the related table.  

Now I would like to add a repeat to the form that contains a geopoint.  The point feature class I would like to include in the repeat is NOT one of the two point features that I mentioned above, that the stand alone table is related to by relationship classes. This new point feature class is related only to the stand alone related table by a relationship class.  I added the point feature layer to the feature service, I created the repeat in the form using  the feature class name as the repeat name, however I don't know what to use as the field name for the geopoint.  I've tried several things including the SHAPE field, the name of the feature class with "_point" appended. 

When I try to republish the survey, it finds the feature class name, or "table" as Survey123 calls it, but it errors on the name of the field for the geopoint. 

Again, this is an existing feature service.  I see that when you create a hosted feature service when publishing a new survey that is not an existing feature service, the field name of the geopoint is dropped and is not included in the feature service.  

Any help would be appreciated.



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