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Survey123 Connect - Switch pages based the answer of the first question

04-04-2023 02:25 PM
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Good Afternoon,

I have a survey with a lot of questions and a lot more dependent questions branching off of them. To make this easier on my field techs eyes and save them from scrolling a bunch I added pages to the survey. What I am looking to do is to have some basic information and one single question on the first page. After the first question is answered I would like the survey to change pages to the page corresponding with the answer. Can anyone help with this? 

I can resort to just making all answers corresponding with the answer dependent and only show up based on the original answer but I figured I would take a swing at the pages thing first!

Any help is appreciated!



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You can use the esri visible column to hide entire pages.  Have you tried that?  It may get weird I forget.

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