Pointing Survey To Existing Feature Layer, Advantages?

02-20-2023 04:27 PM
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Hello All,

I am working on a project that contains the following:

  1. A Field Maps map with three existing feature layers (points, lines, and polygons). 
    When you click on the features you get a popup with a link that will open a corresponding survey on Survey123. 

  2. Each of the surveys contains the default geopoint and four related tables (see below for an example). 
    Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 5.06.56 PM.png

    For the each of the tables, I have a hidden field, that is populated via an "incoming" field from the Field Maps link. The "incoming" field is the name of the feature. In the case above, there is a field in the feature layer called "AreaName" and that will populate the hidden field in each of the tables.

I am going to use the tables for display in online maps, dashboards, and/or experience builder. The Field Maps, that users will interact with, only contain one field which is the name of the feature and the link to the affiliated survey. Users do not edit the feature at all, it is static. 

My inclination is to not relate these surveys to the existing feature layers by downloading, establishing relates in Catalog between the feature layer and tables, and re-loading everything to ArcOnline and then changing the URL in Survey123 Connect to point to the feature which I related the tables to in ArcPro (this is how what I understand I would need to do).

Instead I was thinking that I could link the tables to the feature layers via a "join" and the names that are in the feature layer and populated via the code in the link in Field Maps in Map Viewer Classic and save those features out to be displayed online. For each of the exiting feature layers I would like to create, based on the tables above the following features:

  • "information" and "posconditions"  
  • "information" and "posactions"
  • "information" and "posactions_vol"

Is there are logical reason to relate to the existing feature layers from Survey123 for the workflow I have described above? Or, what is the advantage of linking the tables within the feature service?

Thanks, and sorry if this does not make sense. I am wrapping my head around a lot of this.

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