Is it possible to see how many times my public survey has been opened?

12-21-2021 02:23 AM
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I am wondering is it possible to see the statistics of, you know, 500 people opened my Public survey link, but Total records in the Overview tab are 200? Is there a way to get the 500 number with standard AGOL tools/ways/actions? 



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There does seem to be a view count for Form items that is independent from the connected feature service.


What's odd, though, is that I cannot seem to get the view count for the form to increment... I've attempted to open the form in different browsers, private windows, and even the field app, but the form's view count has not updated since the last time a submission came through.

I suspect the "view count" on the form is more of a "submission count".

Possible Workaround: Embedded Image

Let's see how this works.

  1. Upload an image to your portal.
  2. Share it publicly.
  3. Copy the URL for the image:
  4. In your survey, add the image to a Note question, or put it in the "Thanks for submitting" screen.


Now, every time the survey is loaded, the "Number of Downloads" count increments.


It's a bit hacky, but it should give you the number you want.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS