Is it possible to auto-populate previous data into current data within a repeat?

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11-30-2017 04:38 PM
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I have a repeat section that records details about a species sighting at a particular location. If this location has multiple sightings, the user has to enter a separate record for each sighting. Under these circumstances, many of the fields would most likely be the same. Is there a way that I can have a yes no question asking if they want to load data from the previous entry, and if Yes, populate some of the fields with this information? It would be a tremendous time saver.

If so, how?

Many thanks in advance.

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We do species also (for LPI).  They wanted a "same as last" button like Access had.  Of course cannot do that but we did something else that they like it.

Make a Defaults page where they can config a "default" pin drop like this

Then on the real pin drop have a Use Defaults Yes/No

This will allow for auto populate



You can then use or not use a default for each drop.  You can even change the defaults half way in and then use those.  You can also use defaults then delete say lower1 really easy and it is still faster.  Data team likes that they still have to specifically choose the default so that we know it was on purpose.

Add a calc like this 


Our crews love it so far.  Hope it helps.

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Hey Doug,

When you say "Make a Defaults page where they can config a "default" pin drop like this" does it mean you made a separate survey for default values that folks fill out? or is it a page in survey 123 connect xls form?

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I also need this functionality for our wildlife survey programme (see my community post here). Have there been any advances is this?

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