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Store nested repeat as feature or pulldata from previous repeat

Question asked by data.officer on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by data.officer

I have built a Survey123 form in Connect in order to collect wildlife monitoring data. Each record consists generally of the following information, which can be roughly split in to 3 sections:

  1. Survey details: Survey site, Date, Recorder details, Visit details (e.g. weather)
  2. Record details: Record location (geopoint), Record time
  3. Species recorded (at the above location and time): Species, Lifestage, Sex, Quantity


Currently '2. Record details' is within a repeat, and '3. Species recorded' is within a nested repeat (as there may be multiple species observations at a single time and location). However, this produces 1. and 2. as Feature Layers, but 3. as a related table. Our use case requires each record made at step 3. to be an individual geopoint (feature layer), rather than a series of records associated to a single point. 


My question is:

  • Is there a way of extracting the related table to a feature within a feature layer for each row, which updates 'live' with record submissions
  • Is there a way that I could use a pulldata function to fill details from a previous repeat within the same survey, so that I can eliminate the nested repeat? (I.e. transfer the details in step 2. to multiple repeats without including a nested repeat). 


Unlike most Survey123 example data, we are not working with fixed monitoring points such as hydrants, but instead a survey may result in records at any location within a survey site, and with 0, 1 or many records during a survey visit. The key outputs for us are the individual species records, rather than the individual survey sites that the records are recorded within. We need to be able to hide or show the different species records in webmaps and dashboards using filters etc., without having multiple species records stored in a single point and not only accessible by scrolling through a popup.


Thanks in advance,