instance_name does not work with surveys assigned in the inbox

11-18-2021 09:30 AM
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Hello Community,

Hope you are doing well.

I have created a form in Survey Connect 123, but I found an issue.

I am using the instance_name of the XLSForm  with the condition “if”, as you can see below:


I am using the condition in the instance because I want the instance_name to change when new information is added to the form.

I have run a few tests and it actually does work on the desktop app Survey Connect 123, as you can see below:



Once I publish the form to the portal arcgis online, I upload new data to the web service of the survey using the tool append in ArcGIS Pro. I do this step, so I can assign the forms to the fieldworkers through the Inbox.


Here, the issue is when a field worker collects data in the assigned form, and sends it to the outbox, the instance_name does not change.


Nevertheless, when I enter data to a new form.

And answer the very same questions as I did on the assigned form.

In this time the instance_name does change when I send the survey to the outbox.


Therefore, I don´t understand why the instance_name does work when I send new data, but it does not work when I use the forms that already contain some information in it, and I just have to complete the rest of the fields, or the assigned forms in my inbox.

 If you have any idea about this issue, and how I could solve it, please let me know.

Also, I share my XLSForm in case you want to check it out.

Thank you.

Have a good day.





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Hello Andres,

It sounds like you may have a permissions issue?  You stated that when YOU test it from the Survey123 Connect it works, but when a field worker fills it out and submits it, it doesn't work?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Hi Amanda 😄 

I hope you are well

Mmm no.
When a field worker fills it out a assigned survey it doesn´t work. Instead, when a field worker fills out a new survey it does work.

Best regards, Andres.

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Could it be that its because the "instance ID" is a unique identifier for a record and it can't be changed after the record is created?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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