(⊃) Infinite Repeats and Connect XLS Equation Capabilities

05-16-2023 12:30 PM
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O' WOW. 

Am I asking to much of S123 Connect xls?

I would like to be able to create two calculation which can pull values from REPEATs. I’m hoping to have the equation reference (d) in every and only REPEATs that have values completed.

(d) = the diameter of a stick. But I don’t know how many sticks I’ll find across a given measure.

I also need to know a little about the stick, Is the stick Sound (0.47) or Rotten (0.36).

I’ll then need to solve for the squared average diameters (dˆ2) of the (0.47) sticks and a separate equation for the (0.38) sticks.


We need to average (dˆ2) values over all the repeats having said value completed and question X completed, catch is I don't know if or how many REPEATs there will be (maybe 0 or 80…so on). So how do I do the (dˆ2+dˆ2toNth×Nth)? Is there a way to get the form to tell the form how many repeats were created for a given REPEAT section with the response to question X of value 0.36 and how many with value 0.47? Then to SUM all and only the (dˆ2) values completed in the REPEATs with a question X value response of (0.36) and a separate SUM of the all (dˆ2) values completed in the REPEATs with a question X value response of (0.47) . Lastly to divide each of this two SUMs in their perspective separate equation by the number of question X responses having their specific value, (0.36 or 0.47)  

Thus providing (Σdˆ2).


(a) and (c) and (Nℓ) are integer values in a different (not repeat) group in the beginning of the form that I don’t think will be to tricky to reference 11.64 being a constant, (s) being the specific gravity 0.36 or 0.47, (a) being a constant 1.02, and (c) slope correction being an equation using response values from earlier in the form, (Nℓ) being the Lenght of measure.





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