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Reliability issues with Power Automate?

05-25-2023 01:22 PM
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I'm interested in hearing about other people's experiences with using Microsoft's Power Automate to send emails from Survey123 submissions. I've been using Power Automate for a couple of years and I don't have a lot of confidence in the product's reliability. Here are some issues that I have had in the past:

- A flow stopped working. We went months without receiving an email from a survey that was created with the web designer and didn't realize it until someone contacted me to add a recipient to the distribution list. It is realistic for this survey to go for months without having any submissions, so we never would have thought that there was an issue otherwise. The only resolution I could find was to delete the old flow and create a new one.

- A flow stopped sending emails to dynamic addresses. We have a Survey123 Connect survey with a question that takes the submitter's email address with the promise to use it to send a copy of their submission via email. I honestly don't know if it ever worked, but it wasn't working when I tested it today. The only resolution I could find was to delete the old flow and create a new one.

I've had 2-3 users who had issues along these lines, and the only resolution I had for them was "recreate the flow." That does not inspire confidence! Plus, some emails are really long and complicated, so it's no small task to rebuild them from scratch.

One thing I did notice is that this Esri workflow uses a different email operation than what I use. When I do an email action, I use this:


But on that website, they use this:


I’m wondering if the Office 365 Outlook operation that is in the Esri documentation is somehow “better” than what I’m using?

All that to say: I'm interested in hearing other user experiences as well as any hacks you've found to ensure that the flows work.

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