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03-09-2020 02:58 PM
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Is there a way to change/chose different displaying survey item names in the sent Inbox?

In Survey123 for ArcGIS currently my completed inspection listed as:

H10_A:0, H10_B:0, H10_C:0, H11_B:0  = which is meaningless to me as it is represents some field names within the inspection. Is there a way to set this for a specific field within a survey (such as site name for example)?

Also, if you have 100's of surveys in Inbox and you need to go back, find and edit one of them, the current naming convention in Survey123 for ArcGIS does not help

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Yes, we can do this with the instance name setting for the draft, outbox, inbox and sent survey folders:

Instance name—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation