error preforming upload opertion - file size or type not supported for this service

02-27-2020 07:09 AM

hi all, I have survey which include 3 question with images inside repeat.

my survey is based on existing feature class in SDE.

when i try to upload more than 5 images i get this error.

is there a limit to the upload?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor


Unfortunately, the error is not attached - did you mean to include a screenshot?  To my knowledge, there should not be a limit to the number of images that can be uploaded.

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Yes, I'm sorry this is the screen shot. Can you elaborate on the uploading limits?

Since I was uploading to a service placed on my server and not a hosted one I thought there is no limit at least not after 6 images.

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In case it happens to anyone , I found the problem , I cant reproduce it or pinpoint why it is happening  , but it keep occurring from time to time  .

here is how to solve the problem:

The folder "My Survey Attachments" holds all the images that you takes whether you submits the survey or not .

when you get the error go to this folder you will find one or more images that appear as blank , they just missing the suffix ".jpg".

Once you edit the image name with the correct suffix you can submit the survey , if you still get the error remove the image from the survey and reload it ,this time it will have the correct suffix.


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