GeoShape Overlay: iconColor as a variable value?

07-21-2022 10:41 AM
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Question:  In a Survey123 mobile app with a GeoShape body::esri:style setting, can iconColor be a variable/calculation? If yes, how?


 On the last page of the form, the user is presented a geoshape map summary with a repeat geopoint overlay.

In this overlay styling, the label correctly pulls the value from the repeat question "trim_position", displaying as the overlay point label on the map.

In the same repeat that houses the trim_position, we have a question named "trim_color", containing the word blue.

When coding blue directly into the style, it presents as a blue icon. When trying to reference the repeat value (where = blue), it fails and defaults to black.

Examples of body::esri:style 

Static Color Works: overlay=repeat_name&preview=true&iconColor=blue&label=trim_position&fontSize=18

Dynamic Color Does Not Work:




Can anyone provide any insight into using variables as values in these settings?

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