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10-05-2021 03:26 AM
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Hi all,

I would like to (automatically) capture and display the "FirstName LastName" of the signed in user. I have used the question type "username", but this pulls through my username and is not a nice format for using in Feature Reports etc.

I could use the pulldata function but this isn't particularly dynamic as new users are added to the portal and would require me to manually update CSV databases of usernames and "FirstName LastName"s.

Is there a way to change the appearance of username type questions?



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Hi Ben

The short answer is - no - there is no appearance setting that will give you the first/last name of the logged in user.

My first thought was that you could maybe use an API call to figure out the username/first name/last name:

But it seems you need to be an admin to get that information returned because of privacy concerns.

So your best bet would be a hosted CSV file linked to your survey - but like you say you will have to manually update that CSV file, even though it will be automatically linked to your survey.

Look at "Working with external content":

If you manually place the .csv file in the survey's media folder, and at a later time upload a .csv file of the same name to ArcGIS and link it to the survey, the .csv file in the survey is updated from the linked content (if newer).

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Hi Deon,

Many thanks for assuring me. I will use the pulldata technique 🙂 no doubt Esri will implement this ability in the future!

Best wishes,


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The first and last name are in the JSON of a webhook, why isn't there a way to get to that within the survey?

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I had been using a Javascript function to clean the username it was giving me BUT as of 3.15 there is a pulldata property that you can use for this which I'm going to start using in my surveys!

pulldata("@property", 'userFullName')The user's full name
pulldata("@property", 'userFirstName')The user's first name
pulldata("@property", 'userLastName')The user's last name