Geopoint pulldata XY values in local coordinate system

02-27-2022 04:31 PM
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Hi all

I'm trying to capture coordinate values on the field using Survey123.

I used the pulldata function for the field calculation. For example: 

  • pulldata("@geopoint", ${pumploc}, "x",)
  • pulldata("@geopoint", ${pumploc}, "y")

It is working fine, however, it captures coordinate values by default in WGS84. We would like capture these values in a local coordinate system (e.g., GDA94)

Is this possible? If so, what should I add to the calculation?

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Hi @mddelossantos ,

Check out Pulling data from geopoint questions

In this they have mention that 

Survey123 never works with projected coordinates: geopoint values are always in geographic coordinates using WGS84



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You could add a javascript function to project the coordinates you obain from pulldata/geopoint questions to your local coordinate system. For example using the Project geometry service from ArcGIS rest. 

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Using a JS script in-app like @HuubZwart recommended is probably the "cleanest" way to do this, but difficult. 

An easier option, if the limitations are acceptable, would be to print them out in a feature report in a different spatial reference. I'm not sure what the WKID of GDA94 is, but you could replace 4326 with that and then print out your points in a table that could be easily copy and pasted into a CSV file to import elsewhere. 

FeatureLat (4326)Lon (4326)Elevation (Meters)
${feature_number}${location | getValue:"y":4326}${location | getValue:"x":4326}${location | getValue:"z"}

(I had some of my surveys set up this way before I figured out how to auto-export directly to a CSV)

Relevant help doc -

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