Fillable PDF converted to Report

02-22-2024 07:46 AM
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I'm attempting to use survey123 to mimic auto-filling a fillable PDF. So far, I have made the PDF the background of my word document (report template) and attempted to put textboxes over where I need fields populated. This route is repeating my entries such that 4 names are on the Student name line. I have also tried typing over the image which is working better but it doesn't take the PDF image in the background to the next entry. I have it set up so that participants are a related table to the course entry.

I think the text boxes would be more ideal formatting wise but I don't know how to make it only put in one entry in the textbox. 

If there's a completely different way to go about this I am also open to suggestions!! 

Thank you all in advance!



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I would create a Feature Report in word from scratch (i.e., not use a PDF as a backdrop). Will save a bunch of headaches.

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The company requires the information be submitted on their document. I've attempted converting the PDF to word but the formatting and fancy textboxes get messed up during conversion. Also, once I put in the formulas to get the correct information it throws off all the formatting as well due to the added text.

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