Error with "select one questions" made in Connect publishing in AGOL

12-08-2021 05:44 AM
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Hi everyone, Im experiencing some errors when I publish my survey made in Connect V3.13.249 in AGOL, there are some errors because in the simulator desktop APP everything is good, but When I publish the survey the select one questions dont work. I dont know what is wrong because there are not any message of error and I cannot find what is wrong.

I attached the survey if someone could help me

Also this is the link of the survey published , here you can see "Select one questions" dont work

Thank You 

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My guess is it is your lists.  

You have a new line here - see the height of the cell


The quotes here may cause a problem


You have a lot of / in there but they seem to work.  

Hope one of those is it.

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I tried removing quotes and spaces and still not working

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