Exporting Data in Word Document

12-08-2021 06:17 AM
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I am looking to export into a word document but only pulling certain statements from my Survey123 Inspection form. I have created the survey using XLS, not the web browser. 

For example, if my survey has 100 single choice questions with the answer "Yes" or "No", I would like Survey123 to only pull 5 of the questions with the answer "Yes" into a word document. The remaining questions are answered "No" but I do not need them in my word document. 

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I'm not sure if I understand your use case clearly but it sounds like you are using Survey123 to create a data service (feature service or table) with a lot of fields and you want to be able to summarize the data you collect in a report (e.g., MS Word)? Are you familiar with S123 Feature Reports? They work pretty well and you can make a MSWord template for individual features or the entire dataset. You control which fields you include in your report. 

Good luck!

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