Survey embedded in website formatting options.

12-08-2021 11:35 AM
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Hi, I am hoping someone can provide me with some direction with a Survey I have built (using Survey123 Connect) that I am embedding on our company website.  I am working with my IT department, and we have embedded the survey on a test page.  The IT department followed up and asked if there are any ways to format the survey regarding its layout on the page height width organization of the questions?  I would appreciate any information/documentation/blogs/videos that could be passed on to the IT department.

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Hello, I hope I can help.

Regarding the possibility of formatting surveys, in design, structure and content, I tell you that it is possible to do it, from xls form of survey connect.

I am a specialist in this type of instrument, but I should have more detail regarding what you need to resolve the concerns in a timely manner.

It can be easily incorporated into websites, if the website is from the Arcgis Enterprise domain, the task is made even easier, but remember that some features are lost on the web compared to using Survey123 on mobile

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