Embedding a WebMap in a Survey123 Feature Report

11-16-2020 09:55 AM
by Anonymous User
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I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a timeline for when WebMaps will be able to be attached to a feature report outside of the Survey123 Beta environment. The last thread I've read about this topic was in January 2019 located HERE.


Please let me know if anyone has any additional info about this topic.




Michael Kohn

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Hi Michael,


You can specify a webmap in the settings for a point, line, or polygon by providing its item ID - please refer to the Report Template documentation:

Geopoint questions can also support setting the web map item ID and map scale as optional parameters when you precede these values with mapSettings:. In the following example, a map scale of 1:100,000 is used:



by Anonymous User
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Hi James,

I read through the template and was able to use the following syntax to get my map to display on a test Feature Report:

${$shape|mapSettings:"39f34b30e1134b5bbb741c9b4ef8639f":1500| size:700:485}


There are no geopoint questions in this survey so I wanted to use the ${$shape} syntax. The map above is generally what I was trying to produce so now I'll just need to clean up the labels for a cleaner look.


Thank you for providing documentation!


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