Documentation on Null vs Blank

11-05-2020 07:05 AM
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Is there a doc anywhere that talks about when a field is Null and when it is Empty string? 

It my testing I have seen that for a Hosted Feature Service if a user leaves a field blank, or if it is not relevant, it it gets empty string.  This is true even for Int/Dec which is not possible in most Arc.  But when you download that data to a GDB int and decimal convert to Null, but strings stay empty string.  Dates not sure yet.

For now I have been adding code to my scripts to check for both "" and Null.

I want to make sure I know the pattern correctly.  Will there ever be a way to have strings be Null?  Or would this need to be post processing to match our legacy data.


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Hi Doug,

Here is the link to the "Empty Values" section of the Doc. It explains what you can expect to see for different question types when they receive no input.


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Thanks but this does not cover what happens in the GDB export.  I do not see NaN being stored at any time.


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