Create a feature template report on a related feature through a separate survey

05-24-2021 05:26 PM
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I have created a survey with a repeat feature in the parent with a repeat table. I have then created another survey that references this same feature layer but just to the repeat feature 1.


I am generating feature reports from the original but I also want to generate feature reports to the second survey so that each report is the on the repeat feature in the parent. 

When I am trying to create the template I just get an error, even when I hit 'create sample template' or the 'quick reference' link.

I don't think its a server issue as I have been running the first report generation and editing and updating the other report template.



Is this a known issue? Is the relationship in the feature layer causing this?

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Hi @Felicitychun ,

Do you still experience the issue? If so could you send a copy of the xlsx form for us to reproduce? (



Jody Zheng Liu

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I was able to add the work doc template into my portal content and run it.

I just couldn't run syntax checks.


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