Looking for advice for JS Pulldata

02-16-2021 03:28 PM
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Hello all, 


I hope to find a JS code or find reference sites where I can learn how to write my own code for my scenario. What I am looking for is

passing the parcel polygon attributes > get the parcel geometry information> find overlapping address points> get address point's attribute.


Available layers

- A parcel  polygon layer, no address information is available.

- An address point layer


Scenario: Create a new point within parcel polygons and calculate its (possible) address from the address point which is located within the same parcel polygon.


I thought this may need to be done by two steps.

1.  Get the overlapping parcel polygon's PID. ===> I could do this by using a sample JS code provided.

2. Pass the parcel polygon's PID, then get the overlapping address point's address attributes. ==> This is what I tried to do. I am not sure how I can extract the geometry information based on the given PID.




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Hello @KerryKang,

When you are querying a feature service / layer you can specify if you want to return the geometry or not. When you send the query request to obtain the overlapping parcel polygon's PID you can set returnGeometry to true which will return the vertices for the polygon. 

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