Data pushed into AGOL existing feature service through Survey123 load into AGOL attribute data but fail to visualize

07-04-2021 02:04 AM
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Hello. I'm experiencing a bizarre issue with data pushed into an existing AGOL feature service from Survey123.

I have a survey form that feeds field data into an extant feature service layer in AGOL (in this case, field tracts). The new data is clearly present in the attribute table, but they cannot be visualized using either a filter or regular layer properties. For instance in the screenshot included, I tested for content in the field COLL21 (if 1, we collected the tract). Even though the test entry shows in the properties legend and in the attribute table, it will not be visualized on the map, as if it does not exist. Likewise, if I filter for that value under layer properties, nothing shows. On the other hand, any data present in the fields as part of the original feature service creation can be visualized and filtered fine. I am hoping someone who has also worked in AGOL/Survey123 integration has a solution...

Many thanks for any tips

UPDATE: I think this is partly caused by the fact that Survey123 was pushing data into a duplicate NEW record (unassociated with the relevant geometry/polygon) rather than passing the data into the existing one. How to pass the form data properly to the existing feature service fields? All the fields between the feature service and the form match (in both title and type) and under settings I have specified the location of the feature service using the format below (evidently this part works as the data does get pushed in the service as seen in the screenshot below). Do I need some formula under settings to pass the contents of a field into its equivalent of the feature service? So ideally I'd like to put the Survey123 data into existing records/polygon features of an existing feature service.
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Hello @NatashaDakouri-Hild

To edit existing records you will need to use the Inbox in Survey123. Enabling the inbox in Survey123 Connect and republishing your survey will allow you to query existing records from the feature service and edit their attributes. 

Please use these links for reference regarding the workflow:

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