Cannot get necessary XForms file for the survey

09-30-2021 04:02 PM
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I’m trying to share survey results with a user. The user can see the information under the Overview and the Data tabs but the Analyze tab returns this message “Cannot get necessary XForms file for the survey”.

All three tabs loaded fine for me on different browsers.  

Please advise,

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Hi @AyeletGreenberg,

Have a look at this post:

Try to publish again and if that works check what's the difference. Also, as mentioned in the post above, moving the survey out of the folder in which it was published often causes errors. 

Hope this helps, 


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Hi Uri

I published the survey again, but it didn't solve the problem. The user can see the data, but the Analyze option still returns an error.
The survey was created from an existing feature service with a related table. I checked another survey that was created in the same way and the user encountered the same problem with analyzing the data. I then shared a survey created from a feature service w/o a related table, and the user could open the Analyze tab and see the data.
I noticed that data from related tables don't behave the same way as data from feature services on the Survey123 website.  For example, I can't include photos in reports from related tables.

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