Can you use pulldata() to grab data from multiple rows from CSV?

10-02-2019 12:53 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am creating a survey to assess park's operations. Within each park there are multiple operation id's for assessment.

I want to use pulldata() to list out the id's in the park, not just one. I need to do this for other features in the parks, like there may be multiple playground units in one park and I want to display all of their id's/info as well.

Here is an example of my csv looks like:



00025Julia's Walk Park
100000035Julia's Walk Park

Main Street Promenade

I don't have to have to concat several opid's within the pulldata() formula because not all of the parks contain multiple id's, and there isn't a set number of ops or features per park.


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by Anonymous User
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Hi Caryn,

Unfortunately not, due the nature of how pulldata() works, it will return only one single value for the first value it finds in the list that matches the search criteria.


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Is this something that custom pulldata java script functions might be able to do once they are enabled?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Andrew,

Yes, you could use a javascript function to return multiple values as an array or list from a csv file by searching and returning all the values that match the input value.


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Hi Phil

Do you have an exmaple on how you would achieve this?  For example the extract of a table used in a pulldata function has multiple common names. If a user picks a common name that is not unique I would like to show a warning in a Note or something to show them the unique sub species or scientifc name to ensure they pick the right species.





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how would you do that?


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